The spring walk-through by the ACC has been completed. Homeowners will be notified by email if there are any issues that need to be addressed.  

Please contact Mike Segura, ACC Chair, if you have any questions or plans for addressing issues. 


 The CWHA Annual Meeting was held March 9th at the Board of Supervisor’s Conference Room on Ridgetop Circle, Sterling. Minutes of the meeting are available on the Resources page.



Is anyone interested in a 2019 Great Country Farms Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Membership? This includes 20 weeks of weekly delivered fresh vegetables and fruits from the beginning of June through October. You also get free entrance to the farm (lots to do there if you have kids!) the whole season spring to fall, and during the CSA season there is a certain amount of fruits and/or veggies you can pick for free as part of your U-pick weekly.  The cost breaks down to $33.95 a week. 

The address (312 Tramore Ct.) is a Private Group site for delivery each week. They have pick-up at the farm in Bluemont or delivery to group sites of 5 or more shares. The delivery day is going to be Thursday this season. Usually, they deliver the shares mid-morning. 

Amy Mirra has participated in this CSA for 10 years. Please contact her at amyjmirra@yahoo.com if you have questions or would like to join with those in the community who are already members.

You can get information on the Great Country's CSA Program at:



1) Mount Sterling.  Mount Sterling will consist of a total of 316 units consisting of 144 market rate multifamily units, 98 multi-family age restricted Affordable Housing Units (AHUs), and 74 market rate single family townhomes located adjacent to Cascades Overlook.    

The county approved approximately $6M from the county trust fund for the 98 Affordable Housing Units. The project will now file a request with VHDA for additional funding to be able to move the project forward. VHDA will make a decision by July 2019. 

On the market rate product, the developer has submitted a preliminary plan to the county for the 74 townhouses and expect it to be approved by July 1. Thereafter the developer will submit Construction Plans and Profiles (CPAP) to the county for the townhouses which should be approved by the first quarter 2020. 

The county requires a Site Plan for the 144 condos and the developer plans to submit it by June 1. It should be approved by 1st Quarter 2020. 

The developer expects to break ground on the project in the 1st Quarter of 2020. The proposal can be viewed here. Search for ZMAP-2018-0001

2 ) Montebello Farms by Pulte Homes. The proposal is for an age restricted (55 and older) residential  community consisting of a mix of 406 townhouses, condos, and detached single family homes located in the area adjacent to Connemara Drive and Tramore Court. On April 11th, by a 8-0-1 vote, the Planning Commission voted to approve the application and forward it to the Board of Supervisors. The most recent site layout available to the CWHA Board can be found on the CWHA website Resources page.

At the request of the Connemara Woods Board of Directors, Pulte Homes has agreed to the following:

1) Elimination of both pedestrian and vehicular access along Connemara Drive into Montebello Farms. Instead, Pulte Homes has provided a pedestrian access point through the common area that exists between the future Lots 47 and 48 of Montebello Farms and the existing CW homes located at 115 and 117 Connemara Drive. This access point will be mutually accessible to both the residents of Connemara Woods and Montebello Farms.  This will provide Connemara Woods residents walking access to Claude Moore Park.

2) Pulte Homes will remove the existing wire fencing along the shared property line between Connemara Woods and Montebello Farms.  Pulte Homes will install and maintain a split-fail fence along the shared property line between Connemara Woods and Montebello Farms.  

3) Pulte Homes will work to address the existing drainage concerns raised at the community meetings held between the Connemara Woods community and Pulte Homes.  Based on Pulte Home’s preliminary grading scheme, the amount of area draining from Montebello Farms to Connemara Woods has been significantly reduced and the grading directs the flow to swales contained on the Montebello property.  In addition to the grade changes on site, Pulte Homes commits to providing a rear yard inlet extending from the low corner of the terminus of Connemara Drive to collect the minor drainage coming off of Connemara Drive and to pipe it into the Montebello Farms community for treatment, subject to County approval.  Additionally, Pulte Homes will provide rear yard inlets, subject to County approval, behind the proposed lots located at the top of the hill to collect any drainage from the Montebello Farms community to prevent any runoff into Connemara Woods.

Proffers to the county include widening Potomac View Road and adding a new right turn lane from Potomac View Road onto Route 7 East.

3) UpTown Hotel. UpTown/Northern Gate Hotel proposed  construction of an extended stay hotel to be built on an undeveloped lot across from Cascades Overlook between the gas station and the medical/office buildings. The rezoning  application was approved by the Board of Supervisors on September 12th, 2018.  Click here to learn more about the hotel.


The Officers and Committee Chairs and members of the CWHA BoD are:   President – Sam Kaleem; Vice President – Chris Phillips; Secretary –Tyson Malmberg; Treasurer – Burgan Pugh; Chair ACC – Mike Segura; Chair Grounds – Pat Hogan. Members at Large – Mike Cao (ACC) and Joy Malmberg (ACC). 

The Board normally meets the second Tuesday of each month.  The Minutes of Board meetings are available upon request to the Board Secretary.