If I am in compliance with the Covenants with respect to building a fence or making an exterior change, do I need to get approval from the ACC? Yes, except as noted in the PPRR. Approval by the ACC ensures that you are in compliance and establishes a record of compliance should you sell your house. Sale of a house is contingent upon getting a letter from the Board of Directors certifying that the property is compliant with conditions set forth in the Covenants and Bylaws.

Are there any changes I can make to my house without getting ACC approval? Yes. Homeowners can paint with a color that matches the existing exterior color scheme or make repairs to fences or other structures without ACC approval. Any repair should not change the appearance of a fence or other structure. If you are changing the color scheme of your house, you must get ACC approval and use a color from the color chart provided when you purchased your home.

Are houses/properties inspected regularly for compliance with the Covenants? Yes. "Walk thru's" are conducted in the Spring and Fall by members of the ACC. Variances from the Covenants and ACC guidelines are noted and these homeowners are sent letters or emails stating what must be done to correct the situation and by when. However, if a member of the Board notices a violation at any time, a notice will be sent by email requesting correction of the violation.

Who is responsible for maintaining the roads and sidewalks? The Commonwealth of Virginia s responsible for both the roads and sidewalks. Homeowners are responsible for maintenance of driveways and for snow removal from driveways and sidewalks on their property.
Why doesn't Connemara Woods enter into a contract with one refuse collector to get a discount?  Individuals are responsible for obtaining their own refuse and recycling service. The Board has investigated contracting with one vendor but all homeowners would have to agree to the vendor.  Also, our community is not large enough to obtain a significant discount. Current refuse and recycling companies that serve Connemara Woods are:
AAA Recycling and Trash Removal Services, 703-818 8222
American Disposal, 703-366-0500. 

CSI, 603-444-3181. 

Waste Management, 800-969-2069.