Social Activities

Connemara Woods Facebook Page 

 If you wish to join the Connemara Woods Facebook group, contact Amy Mirra at

Book Club 

 We have an active and vibrant Book Club that meets every 4 to 6 weeks in the home of one of the members. We all decide what to read and select from a variety of genres. Please consider joining. Contact Nancy Wilson (, 703-444-4981) for more information. 


Neighborhood Ladies Night In and/or Out 

Ladies Night In is hosted every few months at someone's house in the neighborhood with everyone bringing an appetizer, dessert, or beverage to share. Ladies Night Out is announced via an "e-vite". 

 Email Amy Mirra at for more information or if you are not on the Ladies Night distribution list but would like to join the group. 

Neighborhood Watch

Connemara Woods participates in the Loudoun County Neighborhood Watch program. Under this program, residents keep watch for unusual or suspicious activities and report them to a neighborhood watch coordinator or if the situation warrants, directly to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office. (703-777-1021). 

 The neighborhood watch coordinators are John Wilson and Mike Segura. Mike is the central coordinator. He can be reached at (703) 864-3796 and John at 703-444-4981


Pet Waste

We've had incidents where one or more pets have "done their business" on other people's property and their owners have not cleaned up after them. Please be courteous of your neighbors and clean up.   The Board has installed  a dog waste collection dispenser near the entrance to Connemara Drive.  There is a county law that carries a hefty fine for not picking up your pet's waste. 

The "Meal Brigade"

The "Meal Brigade" is a group of residents that provide meals for residents that are in the midst of life changing events. Such events include birth of a baby, emergency situations, death of a family member, and other special situations. If you wish to either receive meals or provide meals as a "brigade" member, please contact mailto:

Test for Radon

Many homes in the Sterling area have radon gas concentrations exceeding the 4 pCi/l level that the EPA considers the maximum safe level. If you have a basement that is used as a living space, you should have your home tested. Consumer's Report recommends long duration testing (4-6 months) using a kit such as one from AccuStar Labs which is available from Home Depot.  


ACC Guidelines and Forms 

Look on the Resources Page for ACC forms and charts. Please consult the ACC approved paint chart before doing any exterior painting. You can use the old McCormick paint chart or paint from another vendor as long as it matches one of the approved colors.  All changes to a Lot in Connemara Woods must be approved by the Connemara Woods Architectural Control Committee (ACC) prior to installation or construction.


Commercial Vehicles

Loudoun County ordinances forbid the parking of commercial vehicles in residential areas. Vehicles over one and a half tons or have more than two axles that are parked on residential streets are subject to fines and towing. In addition, homeowners who regularly park work trucks or vans in the neighborhood are asked to be considerate of others.  If you must park on the street, please park in front of your own home. In addition, make sure your vehicles are kept clean and orderly, and aren’t used to store building materials or any other items that can be viewed by passer-bys. 

Trash Cans and Other Items

Please remember that garbage cans and recycling bins should be stored out of public view. In addition, other items such as lumber, mulch, bricks, etc. should not be stored anywhere on your property that is visible from the street. Such items should be stored within your home, garage, shed, or in your backyard. If you store items in your backyard, please be considerate of your neighbors by keeping all items neat and orderly, and out of view as much as possible. 

Preparing Your Home for Sale 

First, ensure that your house and property are in compliance with Covenant provisions. Locate any documents you received from the ACC that document architectural changes that were approved. Notify the Connemara Woods HOA Secretary of your intentions to sell so that a sale packet can be prepared that you will need prior to settlement. This package will include a letter from the Secretary, ACC Chair, or CWHA President certifying that your property is in compliance with the Covenants. Early notification of intent to sell will allow the ACC to inspect your property and notify you of any violations in sufficient time that you can get the violations corrected. The settlement can be held up if there are violations that have not been corrected. This has happened in the past. 

Purchasing a Home in Connemara Woods

When a home goes on the market, Real Estate agents should contact the CWHA Secretary to obtain the required HOA documentation. This documentation includes a copy of the Covenants, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, and other documentation and a letter certifying that the property is in compliance with the Covenants.